Is Quest Protein Powder the Best Protein Supplement?

Quest protein powder quest protein powder has been for the king of the protein supplement market for a long time.

Quest has been innovating new, tasty products of late and they’re readily available in a wad variety of flavors at your disposal

Check out this article for the pros and cons of Quest protein powders.

Taste – A+

First, let’s start with taste.  If you have never had a Quest protein powder before, please go to Amazon right now and get pop your cherry!  In my opinion, Quest powders are the best flavors around and they have eight flavors that you can buy in bulk on Amazon today.  I tend to go back and forth between peanut butter and chocolate milkshake.

The flavors are so good, that with each tub, they provide recipes on how to include the protein powders seamlessly into delicious desserts.

Lastly, I am personally pretty picky with my protein powders.  I usually mix with a skim milk because protein powder with water tastes so thin and bland to me.  Quest protein powder has been the first and only powder that I actually enjoy the taste paired with water.  (It’s also still pretty good with skim milk.)

Macros – A

As mentioned in a previous post, the macronutrients for most protein powders are all pretty good and Quest is no exception.  In order for a protein powder to miss the mark, just make sure that there is not more than a gram or two of fat and low (or absent) of any added sugars.

For pure protein, such as a whey isolate, the calories/grams of protein ratio would be 4.0.  I like for my snacks to be no more than 8-10.  Most of Quest protein powders are between 4.5-5.0.  For this reason, Quest gets a well-deserved A for macronutrients!


Cost – B

I gave Quest protein powders a B for cost.  There are definitely many more affordable proteins that are reliable an you can find online or at your local big box store.  Quest protein powders can be found in supplement stores across the world as well as Amazon.

For a general protein, Quest is on the more expensive end, just south of $16/lb. on Amazon.  Of the “specialty” protein powders, Quest is reasonably affordable as some types can near $40/lb.  Quest protein does contain artificial sweetener, sucralose, but it is gluten free and soy free.


Overall – A

Overall, Quest protein powders are my personal favorite brand of protein powders and I could not recommend them more to anyone.  I mix them with water and I use a few of the flavors that they offer.

Although, I have never personally used them for baking, I have friends who have and swear by it.

Quest has been a leading innovator in protein supplementation and for good reason.  In addition to their powders, they also have some tasty bars and protein chips?!  A review on these will be coming soon…

In the meantime, head here to get your protein powder today!