Pure Protein protein bar

An Honest Review of Pure Protein’s Protein Bars

First, we gave you an honest review of Legion’s WHEY+ protein powder. Next up on the list are protein bars by one of the most recognizable brands in health and nutrition today – Pure Protein.

Pure Protein protein bars are everywhere. Whether you like to do your shopping online or at big box stores, you’re sure to run into them.

But how good are they? We’ll break it down for you.

Taste: B-

Quality taste is only half the battle, but it’s an important half.

All of the flavors we’ve tried are lacking the chalky flavor that you found in most protein bars, which is a plus. Pure Protein bars come in a variety of different flavors including vanilla yogurt, cookie dough, double chocolate, and peanut butter.

In all honesty, all of the different flavors taste similar. They definitely aren’t the best, but they certainly are good enough to add to your daily routine.

Cost: A+

Pure Protein bars are some of the best on the market in terms of price. Regardless of whether you do your shopping at Walmart or on Amazon, the cost of the bars will run you around $1 each. It’s not uncommon for protein bars to run more than $2-$3 each, making them difficult to make a regular part of any diet for most people.

Apart from the nutritional perks of protein bars, one of the benefits is that they’re convenient to have on hand when you need something quick and on the go. At ~$1 each, you can afford to stock up.

Fortunately, Amazon sells an 18 pack with an assortment of flavors so you can try them out without even leaving the house.

Macros: A-

Now that taste and cost are covered, it’s on to the macros. What good is a protein bar if it doesn’t meet your needs from a nutritional standpoint?

I always look for a 10 to 1 calories to grams of protein for any snack, especially protein bars. The macronutrients are different for each flavor, but the ratio for all of the Pure Protein bars are right between .95 and 1.1 – which is very respectable for a protein bar. There are some other protein bars that have more protein and fewer calories, but Pure Protein bars are better than most with an average caloric/protein ratio of around 1.0.

Overall: A-

Overall, I give Pure Protein bars an A-. They’re widely available, inexpensive, and most importantly they also meet basic macronutrient requirements. As a result, Pure Protein bars are the perfect go-to if you’re looking for an everyday protein bar.

There are better tasting protein bars out there with better macros, however, there are few that will be as affordable. If affordability is important to you but you also want a line of bars that meet your taste and nutritional standards, be sure to check out Pure Protein bars online, or the next time you see them when you’re out shopping.

Click here to check out Pure Protein’s line of protein bars.