An Honest Review of Legion’s WHEY+ Protein Powder

Hey everybody,


Across this site, there are a few recommendations for various supplements.  I decided I would start to compile some in depth reviews for those that I have used recently.


Up first is a Legion Athletics’ WHEY+ Protein Powder review.


Before getting into the review, I will say that I am a huge fan of Legion’s products!  Mike Matthews and his crew have the absolute right approach to supplements.  In an effort to change the supplement game, in all of Legion’s products, they:

  • use clinically effective dosages of active ingredients
  • do not use proprietary blends
  • reference scientific studies for justification of active ingredients


Legion products aside, I am becoming a big fan of the no-BS approach to the supplement industry.  Many of the “scientific breakthroughs” that have driven fad supplements and diets have weak (if any) scientific justification.  Proprietary blends can be very misleading as to what is actually in your supplement.  Personally, I will stay away from any supplement that has them.


Macros: A

legion athletics protein powder

For protein powder, the macronutrients are easy.  If you stay away from added sugars and extra fats, then protein powder from whey isolate is going to be high protein and most of the calories will come from the protein.


WHEY+ protein powder contains 100 calories from 0g fat, 3g carbs, and 22g of protein.  Some of the cheaper brands that you can find in many big box stores may contain up to 6g of fat and up to 20g of carbs from added sugars to enhance the flavor.  For me, that is too many calories for a protein shake, so I prefer having a leaner source like what WHEY+ has to offer.


Taste: B


The taste of WHEY+ is pretty good.  Full disclosure, I have only had the chocolate flavor, which is normally my go to.  There are a lot of protein shakes that still have that chalky after flavor.  WHEY+ absolutely does not have have that chalky taste to it.  The flavor is pretty sweet, which is not bad.  Overall it is better than most, but not the best.


Mixing: B+


For the most part, most protein powders either mix, or they don’t.  I usually mix my shakes with skim milk and some shakes do not cut the mustard.  You are left with a weak chocolate milk and a mound of dry powder on top that you have to choke through making you second guess why you are even doing this in the first place.  WHEY+ protein powder mixes pretty well for the most part.  A simple blender bottle will the do the trick.  Sometimes you may still be left with a few powdery cakes in your shakes which is why I didn’t give it an A.


Overall: A-

whey+ protein powder

Overall, Legion’s WHEY+ protein powder mixes pretty well, tastes good, and does not have any added sugars or non-artificial sweeteners.  It used to be my go to protein powder and in my opinion is one the best on the market.  I personally would recommend everyone try not only WHEY+ protein powder, but all of Legion’s prouct.  You will not be disappointed.


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